Essay on Drug Cotrol

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Michael Britt Contemporary Ethical Problems Professor: Mr. Fleckenstein December 10, 2008

The issue of Drug Control and Addiction In society there are many controversial issues such as Drug Control and addiction, Terrorism, Human rights, and Civil Liberties. However a very controversial issue that is talked about greatly in today’s society is Drug Control and addiction. In the subject matter of Drug Control and addiction, many individuals will hold there own particular position or belief on the controversial issue. From chapter six in our required text there are three views on Drug Control and addiction that Szasz,
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However on the flip side of this argument, a liberal would be for the legalization of all drugs. Szasz’s argument is one that is for the legalization of all illicit drugs. Szasz starts his argument with the statement that it is our fundamental right to self medicate. While wanting all illicit drugs to be legalized Szasz uses the harm reduction principle. The harm reduction principle to Szasz is the only legitimate liberty, and argues for free trade in all drugs regardless of their possible potency. In Szasz’s argument he states that current illicit drugs should be treated as alcohol. With that said this would mean that adults would be able to posses’ illicit drugs, and the sale to minors would not be tolerated. He then concludes that those who break the law while under the influence would be held accountable. I believe that this may actually be a legitimate way to deal with the current drug problems facing many individuals in the United States of America. The last view that is held on Drug Control and Addiction is moderate view, which is held by Nadelmann. Nadelmann discusses the potential benefits of legalization while acknowledging that it is risky. His first concern is that there might be an increase in the amount of illicit drug users. He also states that all of the current and past drug problems have failed. I believe that if we haven’t tried it

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