Drug Abuse In Teenagers Essay

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Assessing the factors of drug abuse in teenagers and the role of parents
Shahrukh Baloch
17-10922, Section: A
Forman Christian College
(A Chartered University)

Assessing the factors of drug abuse in teenagers
And the role of parents
Depression is one of the most common reasons which lead teenagers to the abusive use of drugs. Drugs are used for the sole purpose of escapism. Teenagers try to escape a particular problem rather than facing the problem. Teenagers facing difficulties with the real world problems find solace in the drugs and relieve themselves from anxiety and pain. Apart from effecting emotions and the overall health of the users drugs also affect the
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Many research studies have been conducted in the past about the drug abuse in teenagers. But it is always a question of concern for psychologists, educationalists and parents that what are the main reasons behind the involvement of teenagers in drugs? The one who would think rigidly would simply put the blame on the teenagers. The argument could be that humans are endowed to make a difference between right and wrong. And if something which is considered morally illegal and accepted by the society as bad. Then it is the choice of that particular individual to do it or either leave it. Psychologists conducting studies on drug abuse have however maintained different views about the factors lying behind the drug abuse in teenagers. These studies have tried to contribute to reduce the use of drugs. But sadly it still remains a bigger problem which is eating away the young generation. It is harming the young minds and robbing them off from their abilities. One of the greatest evils of the world putting a blindfold around students eyes to stop them to see their potential and harness it. It is true that Governments have waged a war on the drugs in the past decades. But still there are drug users between 149 million and 271 million teenagers according to the Global Drug Abuse Statistics. The purpose of this study is to …show more content…
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