Driving Down The Freeway Or Highway Essay

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Have you ever been driving down the freeway or highway and you glace over to see the

person driving in the car next to you are texting or talking on their phone? It’s scary realizing

that the car is traveling 65 miles per hour or more “driverless.” If you are texting, you are not

driving, since you aren’t paying full attention to your surroundings. Distracted driving is the

number one cause to car accidents, but yet it remains a secondary law. First, we will pick up our

phone to what distractive driving is. Next, we will text our way through the statistics. Finally, we

will send the message to how we can prevent distractive driving.

First off, we will pick up our phone to what distractive driving is. Distracted driving is any

activity that could distract a person’s attention away from the task of driving. Any distraction

endangers the driver, any passengers, and bystander safety. There are three different types of

distracted driving: visual which is taking your eyes off the road, manual which is taking your

hands off of the wheel, and cognitive which is taking your mind off of driving. Distracted driving

includes texting, using a phone, eating and drinking, talking to passengers, grooming, reading

even including maps, using navigation systems, watching a video, or adjusting the radio. So it

can be anything to drinking your pop, changing the song on the radio, brushing your hair, and

even talking to your little brother in the back seat.…

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