Driving Cars Are The Most Important Means For Road Transportation

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Autonomous Vehicle
Cars are the most important means in road transportation to get around, but nobody could predict cars vulnerabilities. Therefore, imagine a life without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic, running late to work, or been hit by another car. Self-driving cars could take people to wherever they wanted to go on land without having to worry about driving themselves. There are advantages and disadvantages of autonomous vehicles. The advantages of self-driving cars are, they decrease frequency of car accidents, effective flow of traffic, and give mobility to the disabled; the disadvantages are some jobs in a transportation sector will be eliminated and leave professional drivers unemployed, the liability of self-driving cars accidents, and danger of terrorist hacking, which can lead to large scale collisions.
One of the advantages of driverless cars is that they decrease frequency of car accidents. Self-driving cars can foresee harmful incidents that might want to occur. In his article “Future of Cars” (2014), David Hosansky states that driverless cars are:
Equipped with radars, cameras and other tools, cars can detect when a front-end collision is about to occur. A number of higher-end models now include systems to alert the driver that something is wrong or even to automatically take action, such as applying the brakes if the vehicle is at risk of rear-ending the car in front. (Hosansky…

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