College Dress Code Essay

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When a college mission statement includes things like “prepares its graduates to obtain employment or advancement in their chosen field” and “continue their education and be contributing members of society,” this is a good indicator of a career focused college as well as one that is goal oriented. These two characteristics are a recipe for success in today’s world.
Most colleges do not have a dress code. However, at Central Penn, students are responsible for their appearance. This helps to prepare for the business world. Regardless if the dress code in the business world is business or business casual, there is still a dress code and being responsible for your appearance is expected. Why not get in the habit right away when starting your adult life? Many times I see young people starting at the company where I work and their appearance is less than acceptable. I have walked into my children’s
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This ties into hands on learning as well. For those continuing education folks, like myself, this is an opportunity that acknowledges and gives credit for the hands on learning already experienced. What better way to tie together education and life experiences. In addition, accelerated and year round classes make the school easily accessible for goal oriented students and definitely for the continuing education students. For myself, this made such an impression on me when I was contemplating going to school. As the mother of three who has worked full time for the same company for the past thirty years, spare time is not plentiful in my life. The fact that this school recognized the valuable training I have received over the years, combined with my actual work experience, acknowledges their belief that education is a combination of classroom and hands on. Now, add in the accelerated and year round classes, and this strengthens their mission statement of being career and goal

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