Dreams, Goals And Plans Essay

1077 Words Apr 11th, 2015 null Page
Dreams, goals and plans is a great topic on why I want to go back to college. Achievement’s happen every day some are dreams come true, while some are just everyday plans. Some of my dreams may be intangible but they are a possibility. Goals are obtainable through a list of steps which you achieve through your everyday plans. I might say that my biggest dream is to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company. People may say impossible but it could happen. A goal may be a ten year plan to become an assistant store manager. This may seem more obtainable and more relevant when it comes to this topic. A famous scientist Herbert Simon once said “One finds limits by pushing them” That’s what I intend to do for the next four years is study, study and study to do my best. None of the topics in this essay can be achieved through laying back and not pushing the limits.
Dreams may come in many forms but a couple of my biggest dreams is to graduate with honors. I’m going to go back to school! Why not learn while I’m there? Like I said earlier in my essay dreams are very hard to obtain and may even be laughed at. Another dream is to put all my kids through college but I face challenges putting myself through college. With the graduation rate of online colleges it could be said graduation is a dream. I remember looking at colleges before I started at Ashworth. The numbers were low and scary to a new student. Ashworth graduation rate isn’t mentioned anywhere online but has a lot of good reviews. I…

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