Dreams And The Nature Of Dreams Essay

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In an average lifetime of about seventy years, we will spend a total of six years dreaming; and, although all humans dream, dreams are still one of the most mysterious and misunderstood ideas around. Dreams, even though they may seem like a simple idea, are actually quite complex. In an age of scientific research and technological advances, there is still some gray area when it comes to the nature of dreams. So why do we continue to advance our knowledge of them? The answer is that by having a better understanding of our dreams, we can learn to better understand ourselves and our feelings. Dreams are defined as, “the sequence of imagery, thought, and emotions that pass through the mind during sleep.” (Strickland 195) “The brain proceeds through four stages of sleep at night, each characterized by its own pattern of brainwaves and neurochemical activity.” (Angier 2) Dreaming mainly occurs during the sleeping phase known as REM, in which we experience rapid eye movement and our considered to be virtually paralyzed. Although dreams may occur in non-REM sleep, they tend to be less memorable and vivid. Our dreams can vary in length and quantities; some lasting for a few seconds while others for twenty to thirty minutes. The average person may experience three to five dreams a night, while some people may even have up to seven. Evenmore, dreams, “which Sigmund Freud called ‘the royal road to the unconscious’ have provided psychologists and psychotherapists with abundant…

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