Essay about Dreams And Its Effects On The Mind

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For several years dreams have been the interest of study for researchers. Exploring more about dreams not only give the psychologists an insight into the neurological aspect of the brain but also about how an individual perceives a dream and what parts of the brain are activated based on different dream patterns. Dreams are the product of the subconscious mind which weaves a story from the elements that happen in the present and generates an alternative reality. In other words, dreaming is related to what our brain does while we are sleeping. The Occipital cortex is activated. The more active the brain is the more likely it is to dream and those dreams tend to be more vivid. Not only are we able to experience an alternative reality but our brain actually trats our dreams as if they were real experiences. Despite the recent advances, the process and perception of dreaming has been poorly understood.
The discovery of REM in the 1950’s was a crucial step in the development of the scientific study of dreams and since then scientist have been arguing that REM is the state in which dreaming occurs. REM dreaming portrays the associations between the memory elements which make up different patterns and may constitute to a new memory. During REM sleep, memory reorganizes results in a new memory content which has not been encoded directly during wake (Llewellyn, 2016). While dreaming, it is believed that the whole memory is never replayed, rather elements of experiential memories are…

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