Dreams And Dreams : Dreams Essay

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Dreams are so common, people do not put much thought into the things living inside their heads. Dreams are feelings and information people retain while sleeping, they link us all together in a way most would not imagine. People need to ask themselves why they have dreams, and why some involve nightmares and others fairytales? Dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. Some people might say they did not dream during the night, but it is not that they did not dream, it is that they simply do not remember. On a usual night a person will have between three and six dreams. These dreams could last up to twenty minutes. Often times, we forget our dreams by the time we get out of bed; however, dreams are good for building up long term memory. Women and men around the world tend to dream about different things as their minds continue grow and mature. Men typically dream about being the man of the house, protecting others and the dreams tend to be more outside; women dream about interactions with people they care about or seem to have a liking for(Segell 42). Men are usually more aggressive than females, that is why their dreams become more aggressive. Women are taught to share their emotions and to be open about how they feel. Women analyze their dreams as if they are predicting events, men on the other hand do not see dreams as an indication of what real life is like. There is also likeness between men and women dreaming.…

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