Dan Gartrell Reflection

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Dr. Dan Gartrell Reflection Paper

Dr. Dan Gartrell is a modern day child development theorist who has studied in depth behavior tendencies in children ages 0-8, and has developed behavior guidance methods which support developmentally appropriate practices. Dr. Gartrell is also the author of four books and countless articles. One of his articles caught my eye and left me filled with more knowledge and a new technique that will help me and other caregivers in the future. The article focused on comprehensive guidance and how to implement an individual guidance plan. The article focused on a two year old and his mother. The toddler started to show difficulty in expressing himself when put into stressful situations with classmates. He also showed
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For example, a new studen, Karen, has just started in the VPK classroom. It has been said that this is the child's third school since starting VPK in August, it is now January. Karen's parents, Dave and Lily, seem desperate, frustrated and hopeless about coming to a new school. They were upfront about Karen's short temper with playing with other children and not complying to instructions from her teachers. After the first week the teachers, director and Dave and Lily had a meeting and came up with a individual guidance plan for Karen. To help with her temper towards classmates, the entire class would greet each child as they came into the class and as they left for the day. Also she was partnered with a different classmate every other day in a different center for a certain amount of time. If Karen recieved a 8 or better (scale 1-10 with 10 being the best) all week, her parents will reward her on the weekend. By the 2nd week of February, the reward every Friday was merely an after thought for Karen. She had gained new friends and was a great helper in the …show more content…
What if it was a student who had been in the same childcare center since infancy? For example, a two year old, Stella, transitions into the two year old class a day after her birthday. Her new teachers have heard great things from her previous teachers and the director about Stella and her family. After two weeks Stella has developed a new way communicate with her classmates, biting. Stella doesn't have a big vocabulary, so when another student takes something from her or she wants something from another student her response is to bite the child. Even though her parents were notified about the bitings, the third incident had prompted her teachers to call them in for a meeting. There they discussed ways to encourage Stella to use more words and different actions to resolve stressful situations. Her parents enforced it at home as well. Within a month Stella had adjusted to expressing herself with words like "that's not nice" and "may i please". She even walks away, when prompted, to from bite-to-be moments. In conclusion, Dr. Dan Gartell's work in developmentally appropriate guidance is just a small start in a bright future. He has made contributions with his many books, articles and theories. One in which I will use in my classroom in the future and hope others will as well. Comprehensive guidance and individual guidance are

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