Dr. Art Solomon Of The Native Group Essay

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“To heal a nation, we must first heal the individuals, the families and the communities.” In the expressions of Dr.Art Solomon who was an exceptionally solid dissident among the Aboriginal individuals. (Mason B, 2012). Native individuals allude to the first tenants of Canada and their relatives. As indicated by Canada 's Constitution Act of 1982, there were three unique gatherings of Aboriginal individuals perceived which were the First Nations, Inuit and Métis (NCCAH, 2013). This paper plans to give a comprehension of the geographic area, the physical attributes and the sociodemographic make up of the native group. It additionally discusses health issues that the group is confronting. To be more particular, a sickness that was almost obscure in Aboriginal groups 50 years prior is currently a main source of disability and death, which is known as Diabetes. Aboriginal people are three to eight times more likely to have diabetes as compared to non-Aboriginal Canadians. Diabetes is a lifelong chronic disease that has no cure. If it’s not managed or is left untreated, it can cause various complications, which can be deadly to the person. These complications include heart disease, kidney disease, eye disease, and nerve damage (Goodwin I, 2011).
Research has revealed that poverty is a substantial factor, and it can double or triple the likelihood of developing this chronic disease. In that case it is imperative to talk about the fact that the number of Aboriginal people living…

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