Douglas Dake Case Study Strategic Management

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1. Introduction
This paper will zero in on strategic management. With analyze the definition of strategic management and the process of strategic management. Meanwhile, the purpose of this paper will demonstrate the benefit of strategic management, and through the case study to illustrate why strategic management is important.
2.what is strategic management? A business without strategy is a business without direction. Strategic management is the art, science and knack of formulating, implementing and calculating cross-functional decisions that will set up an organization to complete its long-term objectives. It is the process of citing the organization 's mission, perception and objectives, establishing policies and ideas, often in terms
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When Douglas Daft took over the position of Coke’s CEO, regardless of soda sales have been a clear decline in the United States, even worldwide. In the US, high-profile racial discrimination lawsuit and soda panic overseas have damaged the company’s reputation and its collaboration with customers, government relationships and bottling. Because Douglas thought that it was no threat to the Coke company, therefore operating as usual. But Douglas realized if Coke wants to keep spit most respected and admired position in the world, then Coke needs to change. Firstly, Daft began to dismantle the old regime inappropriate headquarters and create a new senior management organization so that the company can back on track. In addition, he spent a lot of time on repairing relations between the government and regulatory authorities in Europe and the treatment from the economic constraints of bottling who charged that Coke has been trying to eke out the bottling profits at the bottlers’ expense. Even though Douglas carried out amounts of command, it still could not improve Coke’s sales and profits, and only can maintain the Coke’s sales will not drop. There was an important factor that Coke disregard the changing of environment, used the same organization in New …show more content…
Analysis of Fuji and Coke, it shows how implement strategy effected the companies on both sides which are advantage and disadvantage. We look at an important part of the planning that managers do: developing organizational strategies. Both of them used strategies to respond to competitors, adapt increasing changes of surroundings, play up to the customer requires, and sufficient take advantage of sources. Coke ignored the changing of environment, the operation model unalterable, and broken the relationship with others. Finally, Coke sales dreamily decline, despite Douglas reset the organization of management, and the situation was impregnable. Compare to Fuji Company, Fuji basis of customer market requires, set a new strategy for the environment changing, and organization the management by the new strategy. Fuji zero in on the new strategies, preferable formulates and implement strategies that are the key of successful. It is not hard to see formulate and implement strategies play a crucial role in

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