Dorm Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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What’s one of the most nerve racking things about looking into college? Finding a place to stay of course! Going to college for almost any student can get expensive. A good portion of students who are in school are living on a strict budget. When searching for a place to live, some things to keep in mind are commute, rent price, and setting aside money for food. There are many options for living, but for now we’ll focus on four: renting an apartment, a dorm, fraternity/sorority housing, or even staying at home.
Apartments could range anywhere from $350 all the way up o $1000. Renting an apartment can be stressful. Some students even come together and share an apartment just to save money. The down side to trying to get an apartment are that students have to look at
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This can help in transitioning a student into living on their own. There are still rules, but students will still likely have more freedom in a dorm on their own.
There are also restrictions on students in a dorm. Restrictions range from how late you may have visitors, to who may visit and some dorms even do periodic inspections. In some dorms you also cannot have members of the opposite sex in the dorms.
Some of the pros of living in a dorm are that the food, and utilities are included in the price. In most dorms, however, you’ll still have to pay for the extra things like cable or internet. Laundry often times is included in the price of a dorm as well. Dorms are also easier to be social in. Students could find a lot more people that they know that go to school with that they could get to know, or even study with.
Staying at home while attending college could be difficult. Depending on the person, the student may have to pay rent, or the student may not. A student will likely have a lot more privacy when staying at home. Most student will probably find no necessity to go the the library because here are no parties or noises to distract

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