Getting An Apartment Essay

What’s one of the most nerve racking things about looking into college? Finding a place to stay of course! Going to college for almost any student can get expensive. A good portion of students who are in school are living on a strict budget. When searching for a place to live, some things to keep in mind are commute, rent price, and setting aside money for food. There are many options for living, but for now we’ll focus on four: renting an apartment, a dorm, fraternity/sorority housing, or even staying at home.
Apartments could range anywhere from $350 all the way up o $1000. Renting an apartment can be stressful. Some students even come together and share an apartment just to save money. The down side to trying to get an apartment are that
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The bedrooms can range from two to even twenty bedrooms. Fraternities are for guys and sororities are for girls. Most people that live in these are members of said fraternity/sorority. These members do lots of activities together and often host gatherings and parties in the house. This can make it hard for a student to study or do school work. Often times now days the college has strict rules on “dry housing” which mean that alcohol is not permitted in the housing.
In this housing, students usually all come together and split the bills. Most students ill buy their own food, or come together and all get food for everyone in the house. The students in this housing are often a very tight knit group of friends.
The problem that associates with fraternity/sorority living is the partying that goes on in the house. While most colleges do hove the dry housing rule, some colleges do not. These parties often times do get a little out of hand.
It really does depend on the student and their budget when it comes to picking out housing. In my opinion I find that dorms are often times a great idea for students because it makes the transition to living on their own easier and teaches them responsibility. Once again, the biggest things that students need to remember when looking for housing are rent prices, deposits, amenities(laundry), and how safe the housing will

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