Don't Ask, Don't Tell Essay

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Most importantly, this paper will be constructed in such a way that indicates the facts that constitutes the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

The History of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Most commonly, the military’s policy is better understood when given its history. The history of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell informs us that in 1993 President Bill Clinton proposed issuing an Executive Order to override Department of Defense regulations that banned the service of gay people in the United States Armed Forces. But before this initial action took place, Solomon’s Response enlightens us to the facts that Senator Sam Nunn, who is s very powerful chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, proposed, and the Senate enacted a six-month moratorium on any changes in the military’s policy. During this period of time, Senator Nunn proposed holding hearings on the question of whether gay individuals should be permitted to serve in the military. What was concluded from the cessation, hearings and questioning was that Congressional and military leaders acknowledged, for the first time, that lesbians, gays and bisexuals serve our nation and do so with honor. So then, the policy also states sexual orientation is no longer a bar to military service. Furthermore, President Clinton, Congress and military leaders agreed to end intrusive questions about

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