Donald Trump 's Immigration Plan Essay

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Question 1.) “What is the main purpose or key question of the article?”

“The Trump Plan” is an article written by the editors at the National Review. The article evaluates Donald Trump’s views on immigration. While the writers are relaying his views to the reader in a seemingly civil way, they do take subtle shots at Donald Trump. Someone who they referred to within the text as “The Donald” (THE EDITORS 2015, p. 14). The Purpose of this article is to inform the reader of the infamous Donald Trump’s immigration plan (or lack thereof). This is very prominent throughout the text as the article tends to go over his views from the start to the end of the article. The key question being asked by the authors is less of a specific question and more of a request from author to reader. The author wants to evaluate whether the views and inexperience of Donald Trump seems fit to run our country. It is a question I suppose.

Question 2.) “What type of research method/design was used? How do you know?”

The closest version of a research method I could guess would be observation. It seems like the authors of this article have intensely observed Donald Trump’s moves. They have taken into consideration all things he has said and developed their own stance on the topics that he has chosen to speak on.

Question 3.) “What is the most important information in this article?”

Towards the end of the article it states “Immigration is too important to be left to the Donald”…

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