Donald Trump Name Calling Analysis

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Donald Trump was an unexpected runner for this year’s presidential election. At first, many people thought his running for the presidency was a joke. Unfortunately, as time went on, what many thought to be a joke suddenly became more serious as more and more people began to show him support and he shows no sign of dropping out anytime soon. Which is unfortunate since much of what he says is far from being presidential, let alone professional. From what I’ve seen of his speeches and debates, he often makes terrible statements about other candidates as well as other groups of people, building off of peoples hate to rally more support. He seems to speak more toward those who are often closed-minded and care more about themselves than they do others. …show more content…
Through the use of “name-calling”, he draw attention away from his opponents and back to him. This childish act of calling often draws out the worst in people and always causes terrible reproductions. Not only does it belittle the receiver of the insult but it also cause people to question the quality of the person. Professor of English, Donna Woodfolk Cross states, that the purpose of name-calling is to get us to react blindly and to not question whether or not the statement is true (210). Trump’s use of name-calling is like a double-edged sword, not only does it give the recipient a bad name but it also causes people to question their character. This tactic can also be known as “silencing”, and is usually used to bully people into not being able to say what they want since no one will believe them (Stanley 261). Often times whatever they’re calling the person is nothing then a rumor or even a false accusation. These statements can lead to people not trusting them and at worst they can even lose their jobs over it. In one case, Donald Trump used this tactic against his opponent and fellow republican Jeb Bush by saying that he was “Low energy”(qtd. in Reeve). By doing this, Trump is trying to convince voters that Jeb Bush is not good enough to run the country and if he does he won’t get anything done. Trumps plan …show more content…
He often tries to make people believe that a situation is so much worse then it really is. He does this by selecting only facts that reflect his belief and uses them to his advantage, often times leaving out other important information out. This tactic is known as “Card Stacking” and, as described by Cross, is used to make people feel a certain way about a topic. For example, in Trumps Iowa caucus speech Trump states,
“I saw the other day on television people just walking across the border. ---- And we don’t have the best coming in. We have criminals, we have people that are crooks. You can certainly terrorists. You can certainly have Islamic terrorists. You can have anything coming across that border. We don’t do anything about it. So I would certainly say that if I win, I would start by building a very, very powerful border”(

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