Donald Trump Is An Unexpected Runner For This Year 's Presidential Election

1222 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
Donald Trump was an unexpected runner for this year’s presidential election. At first, many people thought his running for the presidency was a joke. Unfortunately, as time went on, what many thought to be a joke suddenly became more serious as more and more people began to show him support and he shows no sign of dropping out anytime soon. Which is unfortunate since much of what he says is far from being presidential, let alone professional. From what I’ve seen of his speeches and debates, he often makes terrible statements about other candidates as well as other groups of people, building off of peoples hate to rally more support. He seems to speak more toward those who are often closed-minded and care more about themselves than they do others. This is not to say all of Donald Trumps followers are closed minded, but rather that they might follow him not knowing what he truly stands for. When it comes to Donald Trump, his clever use of language often makes voters believe he knows more about politics than he really does.
One of Trumps favorite political tactics is to verbally bash his competitors so that people may no longer believe whether what they’re saying is true or not. Through the use of “name-calling”, he draw attention away from his opponents and back to him. This childish act of calling often draws out the worst in people and always causes terrible reproductions. Not only does it belittle the receiver of the insult but it also cause people to question the quality…

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