Donald Trump Is A Republican Candidate For The Presidential Election

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Donald Trump is a Republican Candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election. He seems to be a candidate that will definitely be in front of the race. He is a candidate that voters either love or hate. He has a very “American” feel but also contradicts many of the founding principals of the United States. Trump has little American Politics experience but has many experiences as a top-rating celebrity. He has been a star and billionaire. He is known for his involvement with high-dollar real estate and shows such as The Apprentice. However, his success in these categories have no indication on his likelihood of being a good president. Trump’s position on the policy of the Veteran Administration Reform is one that is likely to draw in most Americans. He is for reforming the VA so that veterans are taken care of. Trump wants to guarantee that all veterans are able to get the care that they need whenever and wherever. He wants those who have served this country are taken care of as a whole, in any way they need care. Trump wants to ensure that everyone involved in the VA is taken care of, not limited to the veterans. Health care workers who are working in Veteran Care are happy and well taken care of. This position attracts many voters because so many either are a veteran or have a family member who is a veteran. The fact that Trump is involving such a heart catching policy shows that he is trying to gain a vote from a variety of voters. Another policy that he uses to his…

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