Essay on Don Marquis 's View Of Abortion

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Abortion is wrong, but no one should be judged for the actions and/or decisions they make. Every human being that breathes, walks, and thinks, can decide what to do with their body. In this paper I agree with Don Marquis’s view of abortion. Abortion is wrong because it deprives the fetus from its future. In other words, abortion is wrong because killing a future child stops it from growing and making a difference to their lives. The child 's mother whom is having the abortion does not know if that baby will make a change in the future, the possibilities are endless.
First take a look at Marquis argument of why abortion is immortal. Marquis argument is that any living thing; human or animal, has their future taken away. He starts of the essay saying committing murder to an adult is the same as having an abortion. Both of these actions are prima facie, meaning they are wrong at first glance according to Marquis. “The value of a future-like-ours argument shows only that abortion is prima facie wrong, not that it is wrong in any and all circumstances”(Zimmer, Prezi). If killing adults is wrong then why give the opportunity to mothers who have decided to have a child, the chance to kill the kid’s future. This is basically saying you can go around killing fetuses because there is no law against it. However, there is a law about committing murders. What is the difference? Both the child and the adult are being deprived from having a future.
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