Dominican Republic: Case Study

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The Dominican Republic faces Panama on the third day of Group A competitions in the 2015 FIBA Americas at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City on September 2.

Kenny Atkinson’s squad was destroyed by the 2013 FIBA Americas winner Mexico on their opener on Monday, 84-66, as they were unable to contain Mexican shooting guard Orlando Mendez, who fired 24 points in the game, via FIBA Live Stats.

Point guard Édgar Sosa topscored for the Dominicans with 18 points while veteran forward Francisco García backed him up with 10 points. Orlando Sanchez, who started in place of Eloy Camacho, contributed 8 rebounds in a losing effort.

Scorer James Feldeine was limited to five points on 1-of-10 shooting in just a little over 23 minutes of play by the stingy Mexican defense.
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David Rosario’s men is expected to rely on the hot hands of shooting guard J.R. Pinnock and the veteran plays of 39-year-old forward Michael Hicks in this game against the 2014 Centrobasket Championship bronze medal winners.

Panama is returning this year in the FIBA Americas competitions after being absent in 2013. They placed eighth in 2011 with a 2-6 win-loss slate as they were then led by center Jose Lloreda.

The team finished fifth in the 2014 Centrobasket with Hicks leading them in scoring at 12.0 points per game as per the tournament’s official website.

Prediction: Dominican Republic wins,

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