Essay on Domestic Violence : Public And Private Families

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In our society today, many people know what domestic violence means, but does our society really understand what it is? From the textbook of Public and Private Families: An Introduction: Andrew Cherlin, their definition of domestic violence is the violent acts between family members or between women and men in intimate or dating relationships. This is the general concept of this topic. There is much more to it though there are actually four main types of domestic violence that can happen in the relationship. Then after we will tackle the question how do we reduce the prevalence of domestic violence.
There are four kinds of domestic violence the first and most general exercise of control in an intimate partner relationship, and the one most of our society thinks about when an abusive relationship crosses their mind is when the individual is hitting their partner. What this is actually called intimate terrorism, this is when the individual is violent and controlling while their partner is not (Johnson Page 245). This partner violence is the most common with men, they are usually the ones who are the intimate terrorist while the women are the victim. Johnson has created a wheel of control and power showing the signs of a domestic relationship. The diagram gives an understanding of domestic violence over the years. The information was collected by the testimony of women living in Duluth, Minnesota (Johnson Page 246). Now keep in mind there is no step by step of an abusive…

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