Domestic Violence : Legislative Laws And Support For Victims Essays

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Domestic Violence: Legislative laws and support for Victims
+ I am going to discuss domestic violence. * Within this paper I will define domestic violence, discuss general legislative laws both on the state and federal level, and identify funding and assistance available to its victims.
Domestic Violence is a form of non-gender based violence and manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women. The violence can be physical, emotional, mental, and/or economical in nature. Per the Center for Disease Control (Alhabib)one in 4 women and one in 7 men, “yes, men too”, will experience severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. However, not all abuse leaves visible marks. Emotional and economical abuse are harder to detect. Emotional abuse takes many forms; however, it is often verbal, teasing, yelling, and degrading their partner. An abuser is often jealous over their partner’s relationship with family, friends, and co-workers and wants to control their victim’s actions and behaviors.
Often, a victim of domestic violence will live in fear without realizing there are laws and organizations specifically designed to protect and remove them from the unhealthy relationships. Domestic violence laws exist on both the State and Federal level, with the majority being legislated over by the state. Typically, penalties assigned to state domestic abuse legislation are harsher than those at the federal level are. An example of state law…

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