Domestic Violence In Nursing

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Typically, when a person hears the term “domestic violence”, they envision a man abusing a woman. However, recently researchers have discovered that domestic violence covers a wide variety of abuse, including: child abuse, elder abuse, same-sex partner abuse, and women harming men abuse (Blais & Hayes, 2016). It has become crucial to the healthcare industry that nurses become educated on domestic violence. Nurses play a critical role in screening for domestic violence, addressing the issue of domestic violence with the patient, and providing direct support to that patient. If nurses are not educated on domestic violence, it can be tough to screen a patient who is a victim of domestic violence. Recently, there has been a new nursing position that has developed to just treat people with domestic violence. This nursing role is essential to the nursing community because that nurse would be …show more content…
It can occasionally be difficult for a nurse to ask a patient about domestic violence since they are afraid of what they might say (Allard 2013). Also, it is imperative for a nurse to have an idea about what types of questions to ask to a patient they believe is experiencing domestic violence. For example, “Do you feel safe in your current or previous relationships?” (Blais & Hayes, 2016, p. 444). Asking a patient, a direct question can cause he or she to feel more comfortable about speaking out about what they have been experiencing. Another important aspect of addressing the issue of domestic violence is that a nurse needs to be alone with the patient (Allard 2013). Allowing other members into the room with a patient while they are being screened for domestic violence can cause serious harm to them after they leave the facility. It can be difficult to address a patient who has experienced domestic violence, but it is crucial for nurses to address these issues so we can provide support for that

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