Domestic Violence Can Happen? Essay

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Domestic Violence Can Happen to Anyone

Most people don’t realize domestic violence can happen to anyone, Its happened to me, I was young and didn’t consider myself to be in that typical abusive relationship considering he had never hit me before. He was charming, kind to others, always willing to help those in need and loved his family. It only took one day for him to just snap and send him into a rage I will never be able to forget for the rest of my life.

I remember most of the ambulance ride; the paramedic was so kind while trying to keep me calm because I was so afraid. After arriving to the emergency room, I have never been so scared in my life. They were running me through machines and x-rays and never really telling me what was going on but everything that day seemed so urgent. So many nurses and doctors and specialists I never knew existed in my life where asking me questions and signing consent forms. I knew something was going on but no clue what was happening. I was in so much pain everywhere and I was so sick from the concussion and I had already been septic so my lungs were so heavy as if someone was sitting directly on my chest. Eventually I was rushed to ICU still not understanding why they needed to call my parents. I remember the last thing was crying, I couldn’t breathe and it felt like my chest had exploded.

Opening my eyes that were so heavy and hearing my dad talking seemed so odd to me. I looked over to see him crying while nurses and doctors in…

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