Domestic Violence And The Will For Escape Essay

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Domestic violence and the Will to Escape Many women around the world endure domestic violence day in and day out. Domestic violence is a gruesome and sometimes deadly ordeal. For women, the strength to leave an abusive relationship can be very hard or almost impossible. A lot of women think that the abuse is their fault so they try to justify it to family, friends and themselves. Many women are abused and people never know they are being abused as they hide it so well because they are ashamed. The two primary sources I have chosen to write about are the films Enough starring Jennifer Lopez and Sleeping with the Enemy starring Julia Roberts. Both of these deal with very serious issues that arise from being the victim of domestic violence. Each movie explores several issues from, the cycle of abuse, escaping domestic violence, long-term effects on the victim and a victim’s child and women who murder their abuser. The main difference between the scenarios in the films is that in Enough, the mother has a child she is trying to protect as well.
According to domestic violence statistics, women are more likely to be the victims of abuse with an estimated 85% enduring this. There is an astonishing 3 women murdered in the US everyday due to domestic violence. 1 in 4 women will experience severe violence at the hands of their intimate partner. In the US a woman is beat every 9 seconds (Vagianos). All too many times there is a cycle to this violence. There are typically three…

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