Domestic Violence And The Media Essay

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Domestic violence has always been a recurrent part of the world going back ages and still is today. When it comes to domestic abuse issues regarding celebrities the mass media gets involved in the situation to get a story to broadcast to share the information they have found. Sometimes mass media will try to leave out some of the information having to do with a story to keep the audience thinking instead of having the entire story. The mass media industry needs an audience, so they have built up the peoples need for mass media in there modern life. Today’s culture thrives on mass media to get a lot of its information, especially if it has to do with celebrities or things like domestic violence.
One of the more recent cases of domestic violence that was show in mass media was the case of singers Chris brown and Rihanna in 2009. This case of celebrity domestic violence made headlines through all of mass media, and photos of the incident sent shockwaves around the world. They took this issue and showed a lot of pictures of Rihanna’s injuries that Chris brown inflicted including bite marks, black eyes and a swollen face were shown for the world to see. This domestic abuse scandal led to Chris brown being charged with assault. Mass media showed everyone that domestic violence can happen to anyone, no matter how rich, popular or beautiful you are, everyone can be at risk of domestic abuse.
Most news and mass media has some built in bias somewhere within, it is just human nature.…

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