Domestic Violence And Mental Health Essay

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Domestic Violence
Do you know what domestic violence is & whom it is happening? “Domestic Violence” means a pattern of abusive way in any relationship that is used by one partner or friend to get or maintain power and control around another intimate partner or friend. Also, it can happen to anyone anyhow of age, race, religion, gender etc. My paper deals with all of the issues of domestic violence and psychological issues. As much as financial matters further contribute to domestic violence, the details of this vice have been traced to psychological issues and there is require that these psychological issues are dealt by all of in case the cycle of domestic violence may be stopped (Paddock, 2012). Mental health workers should be observant of the link that is there between domestic violence and mental health issues so that can be figure sure that their patients are not exposed to mental health impacts whenever they are abused (Paddock, 2012). Past research has established that there are two kinds of the emotional dynamics that lead to domestic violence. This first such makes an individual behave that they should be the ones in control in a relationship and that they are more of a man. The second factor is mostly an illusion that partners have of connecting to such another. This feeling makes one partner feel that they are only made whole by their partner. The two belief systems are known to set the stage for abuse in a relationship and are regular a scene of…

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