Essay on Domestic Violence And Its Impact On Society

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The Reality of Domestic Violence and its Impact on Society in the 21st Century This essay will discuss in depth, the reality of domestic violence in the 21st century and the media 's representation of this issue. It will confer how the media’s input has had an impact on society and the consequences of their non-reliable data. It will speak on the various statements made by different media sources and compare them to the reliable information given by the government and other legal services. Furthermore it will discuss the statistics provided by the Crime Survey for England and Wales and what the media state they feel is the real number of offences happening across the UK concerning domestic violence. Finally it will evaluate the difference in these statistics and talk over how the data is collected and the trustworthiness of this information.

The legal definition of domestic violence is an incident or a number of incidents of controlling, threatening, violent and abusive behaviour towards individuals aged 16 or over by partners or family members. The law has defined domestic violence as covering, psychical, emotional, financial, sexual and psychological abuse (Home Office, 2013). For the purpose of this essay I refer to the legal definition of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a serious criminal offence that affects 1 in 10 women a year in the United Kingdom (Women’s Aid, 2006); although domestic abuse has not always been identified as an illegal offence. Before…

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