Domestic Violence And Its Effects Essay

1659 Words Nov 13th, 2015 7 Pages
Domestic violence is spread throughout the world. This violence can cause serious damage to one’s life. For example, Ronda defines violence as “physically aggressive behaviors that do or potential could cause injury or death” (Armitage 5). Violence itself is dangerous for people. However, domestic violence is particularly dangerous because it occurs between two people. If a offender is abusing someone, then they might only spend two years in jail. It is not right because the offender can come back and repeat what he/she has done. Steeper punishments should be implemented in the U.S. for domestic violence. Based on research, “Domestic violence is rooted in the traditional belief that the husband dominates with implied powers” (McCue 2). Mostly, domestic violence is caused by a man being the offender and a woman being the victim. Sometimes a man can become an offender by witnessing domestic violence in a childhood. For instance, “ An abusive man saw abuse “successfully” used by a male authority figure in childhood” (McCue 13). However, women can also be offenders in domestic violence. The law says that a man cannot hit a woman, but it is still wrong for a woman to abuse a man. From the reading, one can conclude that, “Violence in a relationship occurs when one person feels entitled to power and control over their partner and chooses to use abuse to gain and maintain that control” (“What”). Every year, there are at least over 64,000 domestic violence crimes caused in the…

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