Domestic Violence And Its Effects On The Persons Essay examples

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“Love”, as defined by Webster Dictionary is a “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties” (Merriam-Webster). By this definition, one would expect that a person who feels this type of affection towards another would do anything to keep that person out of harms way; however, this is not always the case. Due to societal and religious norms, which date back hundreds of years, the practice of discipline by force has turned “love” into an overly selective term. Domestic violence, as one would define this type of discipline today, has plagued many familial relationships due to its harsh effects on the persons involved. Although domestic violence was once justified by “a rule of thumb” (Schechter 21), the viciousness has evolved into a malicious cycle of power and control. Due to its history, the victims of domestic violence have had considerable amounts of trouble receiving justice, and as a result, neglect to seek help. Therefore, the victims of this type of treatment are trained by their abusers to accept their fate of oppression. When a family-like atmosphere comes into play, a broader cycle of domestic violence emerges; new victims arise, and the victims, interim, become the victimizers themselves by the formation of new habits. The repeating phases, victim conditioning, and the long-term consequences make up the broad cycle of domestic violence due to their influence over the members of the family.
Domestic violence is “an ongoing, debilitating…

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