Divorce In Society

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Divorces in Our Society. Divorces are becoming a major issue in our society. Statistics indicate that the divorce rate in the United States is the highest in the world. Over 50% of marriages end through divorce. (Corcoran, 1997). Married couples become divorced because of cheating, addiction, and abuse. The first reason married people become divorced is cheating. One partner might say to the other, if you ever cheat on me I will end the relationship. Cheating on your spouse makes them feel deceived, and lied to. And they can’t grow past that. Some will punish their partner for the deep hurt they feel. But sooner or later the relationship tumbles quickly and they turn to divorce, as an easy way to get out. Another cause is addiction. Some …show more content…
New step-parents may or may not get along with the child. With the formation of the new extended family, there usually are new siblings, such as, half-brothers or half-sisters. Many times there is a conflict between the new siblings, and the new step-parent. This can be categorized as jealousy, unloved, or even abandonment. The children may even feel neglected. If a new step-parent tries to discipline a child, the child may feel resentment toward the step-parent. The direct discipline by a step-parent is typically not an effective situation, but then again, it is exceedingly important to be an active supporter of the biological parent’s disciplinary …show more content…
Research shows that violent behavior in close relationships is learned; in families, violence begets violence. (Macionis, 2001). Family violence leaves a lasting impression with everyone involved. There are a variety of family violence that goes on in this world. One example would be domestic violence. People who have studied domestic violence typically occurs in a progression with three phases. The first phase the abuser uses words, to make threats. Next, the abuser explodes and starts yelling at the spouse, and usually the rage results in physical violence. The last stage the abuser settles down, and asks for forgiveness, and promises that the violence will never happen again. By the time this happens the victim often abandons any attempt to leave the situation, or have charges brought against the user. Often the abuser’s rage starts to build again after the settlement, and the intense cycle is repeated. In some circumstances, of repeated domestic violence, sooner or later the victim usually strikes back and harms or murders the abuser. The death of a parent is a devastating incident for a

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