The Cause Of Divorce

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Fifty percent of marriages are doomed to end in divorce. Well, at least that is what people believed until it was discovered that divorce rates have actually gone down since the 1970s. Realistically, although divorce statistics are not as high as once believed, it is still a present outcome. But what specifically causes marriages to end? There are various studies that point the finger towards certain actions such as racing to the altar, money troubles, infidelity, and lack of communication. All of which, have been common factors in why a marriage reaches its final boiling point. Before getting into the topics of lack of money and communication once someone is married, one has to analyze the relationship before the vows were exchanged. One …show more content…
Infidelity, which is the cause of fifty-five percent of divorces (, often leads to an emotional loss of trust between a couple. The emotional effect of a cheating spouse is what often leads to filing for divorce. Being in denial of the problem can cause one to bottle up their anger and pain, only to have it come out later in an argument. Usually, the victim of a cheating spouse starts to blame themselves, and wonders what they did wrong in the relationship that would lead their partner to wander off elsewhere. stated that insecurity in a relationship is another factor that often leads to divorce, writing, “Researchers have found that some personality factors put people at more risk for divorce. One of the most important is feeling insecure about yourself and your self-worth” ( Victims can work through handing the rush of emotions they are forced to feel like anger, betrayal, and sadness with their spouse, but most choose the divorce route instead. The reason behind choosing divorce stems from the feeling that vows that were once exchanged were meaningless, and are now replaced with a loss of security. Couples who go down a different route and choose to work it out come across problems of their own. The person who was cheated on will find it hard to trust their spouse from that point on. Never one-hundred percent sure of where your partner is or what they are doing …show more content…
The same study noted that couples with children are more likely to withhold communication in order to prevent their children from witnessing constant arguments. Couples who seek counseling in order to try and salvage their marriage are also more likely to divorce less than six months later. It should be noted that infidelity can sometimes be caused by the other person seeking attention that they are not receiving from their spouse. Along with that, little to no communication with a significant other makes it easier for them to grow apart because they lose whatever it was that brought them together in the first

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