Domestic And Sexual Assault Issues Essay

2030 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
Women all over the world face different challenges when it comes to domestic violence within their home. Some women are violated against their own will by their husbands, fathers, brothers, and in some cases even their own mothers. The problem here, is that they are all afraid to speak up because of the consequences that can be brought up. Some of these domestic violence issues lead to various issues that we have here in Houston alone. A company that I used to work with is involved with an organization called Mary Hawc which stands Houston Area Women’s Center. This center works mainly with women and children who have been involved in sexual and domestic violence. Many of us aren’t aware of the many issues that surround women and children when it comes to violence in the Houston area. This year alone more than 81,000 people benefited from Mary Hawc services from those numbers 39,794 were pertaining to domestic and sexual assault issues. This number alone is alarming because we have so many people who choose not to seek help because they are afraid, they are afraid that if they were to seek help, then their spouses or their abuser will find out and suffer the consequences. The fear of abuse I believe comes from different beliefs and various cultures, in some countries like our book on the Psychology of Women stated that women are raised up to believe that their fulfillment in life is to heed at their husband’s and family desires if not, then they must suffer the…

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