Dog Fighting : A Type Of Bloodsport Defined As Two Enemy Dogs

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Dog fighting is a type of bloodsport defined as two enemy dogs that fight against one another in a ring or a pit for the entertainment of the spectators or the satisfaction of the dogfighters. Fights are normally staged in barns or outdoor pits, garages, basements, warehouses, abandoned buildings, back alleys, neighborhood playgrounds, or in the streets. Dogfighting injuries include severe bruising, broken bones and deep puncture wounds. Worldwide, several countries have banned dog fighting, but it is still legal in some countries like Japan, Honduras, and parts of Russia.

What is Dog Fighting?
Dog fighting is one of the most horrific forms of animal cruelty. It can be defined as a type of blood sport in which dogs are forced to fight one another for the entertainment and profit of spectators. Fighting dogs are usually raised in isolation. They spend most of their lives on short, heavy chains. The dogs are conditioned for fighting through the use of drugs, including anabolic steroids to enhance muscle mass and encourage aggressiveness. Fighting dogs also have their tails docked close to their bodies and their ears cropped to minimize the dog’s normal body. There are about tens of thousands of dog fighters in the U.S., forcing the dogs to train, fight and suffer every year.
Dog fighting is a felony in 50 states. It continues to occur in every part of the country and community. Dog fights may take place in a 14-20 square-foot pit, designed to contain the…

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