Does Violence On Television Negatively Affect The Reasoning Of Today 's Youth?

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Does violence on television negatively affect the reasoning of today’s youth? Many will

blame video games and rap music on the decline of the respect and education of children and

young adults. Starting with simple game systems such as Atari and computer games like Oregon

trail, simple 16-bit images on our TV 's and computers, these were the first PG rated video games.

You can turn on the television, internet, watch a movie or play a video game and see how to

shoot, maim, attack or kill someone. Even gain points and recognition for stealing cars and

dealing drugs. While there is always a chance of getting caught or killed, the risk of it all just

seems a chance most are willing to take. It gives youths a thought process of 'If they can do it on

TV and get away with it, why can’t I? ' With stricter guidelines in place for rating video games,

we would be able to limit the violence children can bring in and access in our own homes.

Psychologist Craig Anderson has published findings asserting that adolescents playing

violent video games experience accelerated heart rates and adrenaline rushes that may translate

into violent behavior in real life (Darity 612). As years went on the game consoles and video

games progressed. We have more vivid colors, more life-like sounds and visuals. You hear

everywhere, even in this paper, about Grand Theft Auto. The player can go to a car at a stop

light, pull the driver out, and you now have a car. Gain major…

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