Does Violence Affect Behavior? Essay

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Violence has become predominant in the media, video games, and in television. In this day and age with news coverage and shows available at our fingertips anytime, anywhere, researchers fear that viewing violence affects behavior and creates aggression. Does violence affect behavior in adolescence and cause issues later in life?
Aggression is defined as behavior intended to harm another but not usually resulting in physical harm while violence is defined as physical aggression resulting in harm or injury. Researchers fear that exposing children to violence puts them at a greater risk for aggression and violence that could occur immediately or later on in life. Research and debates on this topic have been ongoing over fifty years with the earliest proof of violence affecting behavior occurring in 1975.
Statistics show that the percentage of american homes owning televisions have jumped from ten percent to ninety-nine percent in the last fifty years. With over half the population of children having a television in their room, tv watching averages out to be about twenty-eight hours a week of time spent in front of a screen.
Media violence seems to have the most effect on children due to the fact that younger children will demonstrate what they see on screen during play time. For the most part, children learn from both experience, social learning or role modeling. Therefore, when children see violence on television, they have a difficult time making the connection between…

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