Essay On Why Does Race Matter

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Race does matter in the United States; it has mattered over the years. “Race matters because of its utility in making discriminations in both healthy and unhealthy ways.” [2] A person race immediately identifies them visually and thus creates an immediate ‘impression’ – could be neutral, good or bad.
In Comparative Politics: Concepts and Cases in Context” states, “Following Stephen Cornell and Douglas Hartman (2007,25), we define a race as “a group of human beings socially defined on the basis of physical characteristics.” (Orvis and Drogus 173) The race is the idea of dividing people into categories by skin color, facial features, and ancestry. “Most racial groups are distinguished by physical characteristics, though they and others may also perceive cultural distinctions.” (Orvis
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If it didn’t matter, why would they bring “race” into the headline? The article “What is Race and Why Does It Matter So Much? states that, “Sometimes an individual may use race to explain or justify their own actions or inactions, for example not being able to achieve or belong or because of their race they should not try for a job. Some see it as a qualifier of privilege (racial preference). Still others may see race as a collective issue of relevance and validation (dealing with injustice based on race). And others are more focused on race as important to access rights and privilege (privileged majority).” [2] For every job you apply your asked your race, when you apply for college your asked for your race. Race still matters in areas of available opportunities; public school districts; health care; and individual attitudes that can thwart some people’s efforts to gain wealth and

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