Does Hovering Help? : Is Hovering The Answer? Essay

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Does Hovering Help? Many parents feel as if constant involvement in their child’s life creates a better pathway for the future. Although, in some situations the involvement may be extreme, they feel a weight lifted off their shoulders knowing the child is always in good hands. Bre is my best friend and her mother hovers more than a Robinson R44, one of the world’s most popular helicopters. Facing a hard life and seeing some of its worst aspects makes a parent want better for his/her child, but is hovering the answer? One of the main reasons my best friend’s mom keeps a close eye on her daughter is because growing up, her mother never had someone that paid attention to her. She got to come and go as she pleased. Seeing where that path lead, and not living the right life or not being able to pursue her dreams, really reflected on her future. Bre was never a bad person, even when her mom was not around. She always did the right thing in every situation, and was one of the main people to always make the right choice. Her mom did not have faith in her, so the only way Bre could go somewhere was if she called her mom every time we went to a different place. Her mom never trusted her and she would always show up at wherever we went. The second reason would be that living in a small town news travels fast, and many people think the best way to live your life is to get married and have babies before graduation. The small town atmosphere really got into many teenagers heads; Bre’s…

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