Why Americans Deserve Homelessness

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Homelessness: Does anyone deserve it? When it comes to a person being homeless, there are certain factors that tie in that others who have never been in this particular situation should take into consideration. Should everyone who becomes homeless be offered the same type of aid and help? Should the government offer equal programs to all who may fall on desperate times? Should only some of those who become homeless be offered help and others just forgotten about? To me, the answer is yes we should help all those in need. Yes, we should be able to give equal opportunities and programs to all those who are in need. I feel that it is unfair to treat one person different than the other when it comes to needing shelter, food and clothing. Homelessness …show more content…
In “Private charities Can Help the Homeless”, Michael Tanner explains why these private charities have had a better success rate then the government funded programs have. Tanner states that, “Gospel Rescue Ministries, one of the nation 's most successful private charitable institutions, turned 90 in May 1997. Since 1907—long before presidential summits on volunteerism—they have been helping the poorest Americans get off the streets, find jobs and rebuild their lives.” (Tanner) This private charity helps the homeless by offering shelter and food in exchange for volunteering in the facility. Whether it be helping to clean the building, helping serve in the soup kitchen, or other duties. The homeless can either do that or pay a fee of $3 a night to stay. Which I believe is a great way at getting those in unfortunate issues back on the road to living a normal life. Tanner also states that, “By insisting that the poor take responsibility for their lives, the ministry has been extraordinarily successful in helping its clients put their lives back together. For example, nearly two out of three of the addicts completing its drug treatment program remain drug free. But a government-run drug treatment center just three blocks away has only a 10 percent success rate, although it spends nearly 20 times as much per client.”

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