Does Cell Phone Make People 's Lives Bring Lots Of Harmful Effects?

797 Words Apr 21st, 2016 4 Pages
Does cell phone make people 's lives bring lots of harmful effects? Cell phone become more and more important in the modern city, people are living in the world which surrounded by technology. Whether people working or resting, people are always using the cell phone, it makes people’s communication rapid, the action fast and interaction closer than any other times. However, cell phone not only bring lots of positive impact on human’s life but also bring some negative effects. The representative of technology is the cell phone, cell phone’s radiation which hurts people’s body. We should spend more time to reduce the disadvantages of cell phone because cell phone bring lots of harmful effects. The cell phones were invented to enable people to make phone call conveniently. However, smartphones broaden the usage extremely wide. For example, People love to surf the internet, sending email for work and taking photos for memory. It is true mobile phones provide us a more enjoyable lifestyle but there also have some harmful impact. People could be the addiction to smartphones causes tend to less communication with families and friends, distractions from work, study and physical damages. According to British research show that “Currently under peer-review prior to journal publication, emphasizes a strong link between cell phones and tumors”, it is clear reveal that cell phones would damages of health. We enjoy the pleasure and the convenient that smartphones provided, and…

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