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The end result was a tasteless powder that could be added to baked goods or to liquids to provide additional servings 3 of fruits and vegetables, thereby significantly increasing the food’s nutritional value. Nutrifusion also had the benefits of high levels of antioxidants, was an excellent source of plant-derived vitamins A and C, was 100 per cent natural, and had a shelf life of 36 months. See Exhibit 1 for a comparison of the nutritional value of normal tortilla chips and tortilla chips made with Nutrifusion.


Micronutrients are dietary organic compounds required by all living organisms for growth and metabolism.
Phytochemicals are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants. Many are considered to have properties beneficial to human health.
One serving of Nutrifusion powder was equivalent to two to five servings of fruits and vegetables, based on the vitamins and nutrients provided by each.

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