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1, What is the BOSI Model?

“BOSI is the acronym for the four Entrepreneurial DNAs – The Builder, The Opportunist, The Specialist and The Innovator.”1 These are the DNAs that define what kind of entrepreneur you are. Almost everyone has multiple DNAs, but one usually has a primary DNA that drives him/her. The use of the BOSI model is to let you know about your DNAs, to tell you what you do best and what you should not do at all as an entrepreneur – your tendencies, your predispositions, your strengths and your weaknesses. For example, some people are good with building companies from ground up, they develop the companies like they were born to do it – they are the builders. Some others, on the other hand, try to follow every step the
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- The Opportunist: “The Opportunist is the speculative part of the entrepreneur in all of us. It’s the part of our Entrepreneurial DNA that wants to be at the right place at the right time, leveraging timing to make as much money as fast as possible.”2 In other words, the Opportunists are people who have the DNA that makes them better at seeking opportunities or faster in taking chances. They can find a way to make a lot of money in every chance they have. The Opportunists are higher risk-takers, compare to the others. However, people with the Opportunist DNA are rather too optimistic; they sometimes take risks without any considerations for the consequences.
- The Specialist: “An entrepreneur with a primary Specialist DNA will enter one industry and stick with it for 15 to 30 years. Picture the hometown dentist, the pizza shop owner, the graphic designer, etc. They build strong expertise, but struggle to stand out in a crowded marketplace of competitors.”2 The Specialists are the experts in businesses; they know everything about the industries they are involved in. If you are new to a job, find a Specialist senior and he will tell you everything that you need to know about the job. People

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