Essay Do Your Customers Love Instagram?

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Do your customers love Instagram?

Are you running effective ad campaigns on the social media channel?

Upgrade your Instagram advertising to generate more brand awareness and boost sales.

Here are six tips to create better Instagram ads for your business.

1.Target the Right Audience
Reaching the wrong consumer base isn’t helpful for business. It’s actually a waste of time.

So, before digging deep into your budget, figure out your target audience.

That means working with your team to create buyer personas. Learn their likes, dislikes, and buying habits.

“If you create an ad for a specific audience, you need to make sure that it will be seen by only that audience. For example, if you create an ad geared toward working moms, you don’t want it to be shown to high school students,” writes Ross Simmonds, founder of Crate.

Knowing your audience helps you bring relevant content to them.

2. Upgrade Your Visuals
Research reveals “that colored visuals increase people 's willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.”

Consumers desire vivid imagery in advertisements. Colorful images make it possible for your products to stand out from competitors.

Moreover, add a story line to your visuals. Don’t just smack your product on Instagram. It does nothing for the potential.

Instead, offer substance. Show customers how they can use your products in multiple environments.

Visuals matched with a background story gives the Instagram fan a deeper perception of your brand.

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