Do You Know What Islam Teach Muslims? Essay

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Do you know what Islam teach Muslims? Islam is a religion and legislation regulates people life from all sides of life. Also Islam is a religion of peace love and equality. Islam teaches people how to deal with every thing in there life. Two of the important things that Islam teaches people are respect and spread peace. The state of being honored regarded or all around respected. This is the most normally comprehended meaning of respect. Truth be told, the thesaurus goes on the depict regard as an obliging respect for people feelings and connections respect to obedience, honor, tolerance and kindness. So what is the part of respect in Islam? Islam states that it is the obligation of every person to approach all of creation with deference, honor and pride. Few people might say that belittling is just words and ask what hurt it can do. Words are to be sure intense and have extensive impacts. Notwithstanding the conspicuous absence of appreciation included in conniving, simple words can cause a lot of pain to someone. Prophet Muhammad, cautioned us of the destiny anticipating the individuals who utter lack of respect. Islam teaches people respect and there are a lot of meanings and ways of respect. So one of this meanings is that you can not backbiting people, Prophet Mohammed defined it as “to mention about your brother something that he would dislike having mentioned about him” (Saheeh Muslim). Islam teaches people to respect all the religions and that…

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