Essay on Do You Have A Plan For Your Future?

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Do you have a plan for your future? To graduate highschool, go to college and get a degree, a good job. A lot of people have that plan, but not everyone follows through with their plan, some people make mistakes and end up getting pregnant. When a teen girl gets pregnant, she thinks it’s the end of the world and either wants to drop out of highschool and quit everything or get an abortion. Most teens want an abortion. What is an abortion? An abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy that is most often performed in the first 28 weeks of the pregnancy. There are many states in the United States that support abortion and many that don’t. Throughout the United States people have many debates over whether or not abortion should be legal or illegal. If we make abortion illegal in the United States we will gain three things, people will learn responsibility, the percent of adoption would increase, and insurance rates would decrease.

Learning responsibility isn’t always easy, it doesn’t take lectures, discipline, or ranting. Learning responsibility takes example, experience, empathy, expectations, and encouragement.

Sometimes when teen pregnancies occur, its a learning experience, but a very important one. The teen needs to learn responsiblity because another life is on their hands, not just theirs.

It takes example because sometimes during pregnancies you learn things about your body or the babies body by talking to other people and hearing what they have…

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