Do Violent Video Games And Movies Cause Violent Behavior And Aggression?

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Do violent video games and movies cause violent behavior and aggression?
In a debate that has been going strong for nearly two decades, the latest research suggests that the influence of violent video games has been overstated (Grohol,2013). In a new study by Drs. Christopher Ferguson and Cheryl Olson discovered that high risk teens who had symptoms of depression and attention deficit disorder did not become aggressive bullies or delinquents because of their watching video games. The playing of video games actually had a very slight calming effect and helped to reduce aggressive and bullying behavior, on the children that were playing the games. They have found that kids play these games for several reasons; to cope with their emotions, to enjoy the challenging situations of the games, to keep up with their peers, to create their own worlds, and to relieve stress (Fergusan&Olson,2013). There were correlations between playing violent games and physical fights and delinquent behavior with a greater amount of game play but this was a small percentage of children and was also shown in children who had already exhibited aggressive traits and a had an abnormally high stress level. The traits of aggression and stress have more to do with the behavior that these children exhibit more than a reaction of the violent video games themselves. There are 5-6% of children who are sometimes violent and this has no causal relationship on whether the games have anything to do with this, it’s…

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