Do Violence Video Games Make Children Behavior Become Less Aggressive Forward Others?

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Do violence video games make children behavior become less aggressive forward others? Today’s technology is advancing constantly to the point where it is well known to the social economic especially young teenagers. In a study, “Violent video games and delinquent behavior in adolescents: A risk factor perspective, the authors mention about an online survey done by “3,372 Flemish adolescents, aged 12-18 years old.” The survey results concluded that violent video games have made huge contribution risks known as “peer delinquency, sensation seeking, prior victimization, and alienation.” Many people might argue that by focusing on playing too much violent video games are taking teenagers away from face-to-face interactions and expressing their body languages. Young teens may start to become less interest in sharing their emotion with people where they want to take advantage of the technology media to socialize with others. When teenagers are exposed to the world of violent video games at such an early age, they are most likely to conduct an anti-associated behavior by acting extremely strange. As people observes in the twenty first century technologies did come in as a handy tool for human, where technologies such computer, smart-phone, and TV become human entertainment. Within those devices, violent video game did play a big role for many young teenagers and it makes an impact in their daily life uses. I agree that violent video game can make young teenagers intensely…

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