Do Students Know About Plagiarism? Essay

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Do Students Know About Plagiarism?
“A Campus Fad That’s Being Copied” by Sara Rimer discusses the issue on plagiarism and how students deal with it in their academic life. In it, it explains how plagiarism is an easy act of dishonesty, but is also one of the hardest acts to avoid. Simply put, if something isn’t put in one’s own words, then that is considered plagiarism, as the action is theft. Whether an excerpt was from a book or a source off the internet, plagiarism can be very destructive to academic works. With an increase in homework and less time to do work, many students decide to be dishonest and plagiarize as it is very easy to do and means less work for the student. However, instead of pointing fingers at the students, the real issue comes from the lack of knowledge that the students have on plagiarism. Educating the students on plagiarism will help stop students from blindly plagiarizing information for their own personal gain.
First of all, what exactly is plagiarism? Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone’s work, giving no credit, and distributing the work as your own. While many people think that plagiarism only happens when someone directly copies words from a source that is not their own, there are many other types of plagiarism that still use ideas from someone else without any type of referencing to that specific source. Plagiarism can be taken from songs, conversations, writing, email messages, interviews, or any other source of communication. When…

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