Do Schools Kill Creativity? Essay

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Once in our high school life have we wondered why we cram up the definitions of sin, cos or the theories that lead to Newton’s law. Once in our high school life have we been asked what majors we are fond of, as well as received harsh exclamations from people who declare our intentions as impractical. Once in our high school life have we been barred from enrolling in a creative art class since we are inclined to acquire a mastery of “top classes” which involve mathematics and science-related fields. We have all struggled through these issues and even have gone as far as to hesitate to insert people’s thoughts into ours. Contextualized in this puzzling and questionable situation, Ken Robinson partnered with Ted Talk to conduct a speech called “Do schools kill creativity?” regarding creativity in schools, a topic neither new nor previously discussed as of 2006. By garnering a compilation of facts from research about human intelligence, creativity and personal, artistic stories composed in forms of pathos, logos and ethos, Ken Robinson proposes the issue of creativity being undermined and society’s need to rebuild the core meanings for schools.
Given that people are more and more concerned about whether their children are supplied with the skills to climb higher on the academic ladder, this Ted Talk video (“Do schools kill creativity?”) has been one of the top-watched videos for several years. Having chosen the right moment to present his speech, following the President Bush’s…

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