Do Apps Help You Essay

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Do Apps Help You or Just Waste your time?
Everybody has the electronic device on hands today. Most of the time, it is either a new generation cell phone called Smartphone or a multifunctional tablet. Each of those devices is constructed in such a way that it attracts people attention. They all have programs and features that make our life easier and more organized but also on the other hand steel our time. The features of the phone that attract people so much are apps. According to Steve Tweedie, a reporter for Business Insider, “There are over 1.3 million apps in Apple 's App Store, and another 1.3 million in Google 's Play store, so finding your next app can be overwhelming” (Tweedie). This means that the market is already overloaded with
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Apps are also known to expose people’s personal information to the public, which is against the privacy. Moreover, there are more advantages of apps than people can think of. There are many mobile apps such as for education, entertainment or health and banking. When, in fact, some of the apps take away people’s time, distract and invade the privacy, the majority of them educate people, organize their life and are fast and easy to …show more content…
One of them are apps for watching or reading news or books. Many people don’t have time to watch the news or read a book. Also, some people use public transportation to travel to work. That gives them the ability to read or watch the news on the go. Also, it is more convenient for people to download and read the books on the tablet rather than carry a heavy paper book. As said by Steven Tweedie a reporter for Business Insider, one of the most popular reading applications is Kindle, which consists of over 1million e-books (Tweedie). That application also gives an access to an online store called Amazon which is also a large place where people can download books, magazines, and newspapers. The other types of apps are apps used for social networking and entertainment. The social networking apps allow people to stay in touch with their friends and families from all over the world. Some of the most famous apps are Facebook or Twitter. People also use Skype to call or chat with their friend. Moreover, people can also have a video conference with them. The social apps people can also post their pictures or events they attend, therefore, others can follow, like

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